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Activities for your little one this Christmas

Our Bunn Leisure elves have been getting into lots of mischief whilst Santa has been welcoming all our guests to his grotto! So, our little helpers have put together lots of activities to keep them occupied whilst Santa is away!

From Christmas pudding biscuits to toilet roll reindeers, we have so many exciting ideas to keep both the Bunn Leisure elves and your little ones busy during the Christmas period.

Don’t forget… we’d love to see how you get on making and/or baking! Post all your pictures onto social media and tag us (#BunnLeisure). We will let our Bunn Leisure Elves choose all their favourites.


Christmas pudding biscuits


o    Red sprinkles

o    Green triangle jelly sweets

o    Chocolate digestive biscuits

o    White chocolate

Break the white chocolate into pieces and place in a bowl. Melt the chocolate (ask an adult to help you with this part as it will be hot hot hot!)

Whilst melting the chocolate, cut the green triangles in half – mind your fingers!

Use a spoon to pour the chocolate over the top half of the digestive biscuit (you could always use the back of your spoon to spread the white chocolate around).

To create the berries, using your red sprinkles make two circles next to each other.

Place the green triangles above the berries to create the holly.

Leave to cool and enjoy.


Christmas cards

Our loved ones appreciate the little things… why not create home-made Christmas cards? Not only does it give keep your little one occupied for a couple of hours – it also saves you some pennies.

All you need is…

o    Card

o    Green paper (for your Christmas tree)

o    Glue stick

o    Packet of felt tip pens

o    Scissors

Start by folding a piece of A4 card in half.

Trace and outline of a Christmas tree onto your green paper. Ask an adult to cut out your Christmas tree (be careful as scissors are sharp!)

Glue your Christmas tree onto the front of your card.

Using your felt tip pens design how you would like your Christmas tree to look. Why not add a star to the top?

Repeat until you have enough to send to everyone in your family.

Letter to Santa

Did you know that Santa delivers presents to millions of people in one night? Unfortunately, sometimes Santa gets confused of what things you would like the most. So why not help Santa this year by writing him a Christmas list and include all the things you’d like.

Once you have written your list ask an adult to put it in the post for you!


Toilet roll reindeer

All you need is…

o    Empty toilet roll (one per reindeer)

o    Red pom-poms

o    Googly eyes

o    Brown pipe cleaners

o    Scissors

o    Red tissue paper

o    String

o    Glue

Start by making the antlers… this can be done by cutting a pipe cleaner in half. Glue your antlers onto the top of your toilet roll.

Take two googly eyes and stick them onto the toilet roll just below the antlers.

Select a red pom-pom for the reindeers’ nose – glue in place.

Scrunch up the red tissue paper and place it inside the toilet roll, leaving a little bit hanging out.

Make a small hole in the back of the toilet roll (ask an adult to help with this part as it may be tricky!). Feed the string through the whole and tie at the end.

Hang around the house or on your Christmas tree.

Repeat to create a family of reindeer.


Paper chains

Have you wrapped all your Christmas presents? Then pass the unwanted wrapping paper to your children and let them make Christmas paper chains.

All you need is…

o    Unwanted wrapping paper

o    Scissors

o    Ruler

o    Stapler

Select a range of different coloured Christmas paper.

Use a ruler and a pair of scissors cut out a selection of long, rectangular strips. Each strip of paper makes one "link" in the chain, so the more you have, the longer the chain.

To make the first link, staple the far ends of one strip together.

This is the tricky part… thread another strip of paper through the center of the loop. Now, staple the ends of the second strip together.

Repeat the previous step until you are happy with the length of your paper chain.

Hang your paper chain from the ceiling or the wall to decorate your caravan.

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