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Meet our winner…. Wayde Bowry

We would like to congratulate our Bunn Leisure’s Got Talent winner! Wayde Bowry, who won with his amazing street dancing, popped in for a chat after the show.


Q: Thanks for popping in to see us! Can you tell us a bit about you and where you are from?

A: My name is Wayde, aka ‘Dynamic’, and I’m 13 years old. I live in Northolt, Middlesex.


Q: We heard that your parents are owners here – how often do you visit?

A: I come to Bunn Leisure as often as my mum and dad can bring me, but if I could, I’d come every weekend and all holidays!


Q: How did it feel to win Bunn Leisure’s Got Talent?

A: It felt amazing to win the competition! I entered last year and made it to the final, but didn’t win.

So I knew I had to up my game this year. My hard work paid off because I won!


Q: Can you tell us about your dancing and how you got into it? How often do you practise and have you won any other awards?

A: I love to dance. I don’t really have a favourite kind of music – I just like what I like.

Me and my brother like to make up little routines in our bedroom, but if there is music on, I just have to dance.

I won the school talent show last year, but Bunn Leisure’s Got Talent is the first big award I’ve won for my dancing and it made me feel really great.


Q: What do you plan on putting the money towards?

A: I’m going to save half the money and I’m spending the other half on trainers and clothes and maybe some PS4 games.


Q: What do you enjoy about street dancing?

A: I love street dance. I only want to get better, so I will carry on dancing. It chills me out and makes me happy.


Q: And finally Wayde…what’s next for your career?

A: My next goal is to dance with the Bunn Leisure dancers, if they’ll let me!

If I could have a job dancing when I leave school, then that’s pretty much my career sorted, but I’ve got a long way to go yet!


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