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Q&A with Angie Brown

Q:             Hello Angie Brown, welcome back to Bunn Leisure. It's been a while since you've been here and we've missed you!

It's been a fab night here at The Embassy, West Sands, & I've had the pleasure to introduce you at a number of your gigs here... but I must say, this evening's performance was the best yet! What is it about Bunn Leisure that you love so much?


A:              Hello Paul, and everyone at Bunn Leisure!  I met Ade your MD about 8 years ago, where we worked together in another band.

We always got on very well, once he started working here at Bunn Leisure holiday park he got in touch. Ever since my very first show here, for some reason, the band and myself have bonded and we've really enjoy tonight. And basically over the last seven years, the audience here have gotten use to my very house, clubby style of singing and they really enjoy it... And the rest is history.


Q:             Earlier this year our guests nominated you as one of our top 3 Bunn Leisure Music Awards Finalists on our Facebook & Twitter page, how did it feel?


A:              Wow!!! I didn't realise that, I didn't realise I was nominated for anything. This is brilliant! It feels very flattering and thank you very much for thinking of me.


Q:             Let's talk about The Voice. What was it like?


A:              The Voice, was an incredible experience. I lot of people think I was fast tracked onto the show. But in truth I auditioned and had about five recalls before I was accepted onto the show.

Looking back I understand why I didn't go through and why they didn't turn around for me. I am a professional and have been for 20 years, and it wouldn't be fair for a pro to compete with a complete Newby!

Recording the show reached fever pitch once they said I could sing my 90s hit, 'I'm Gonna Get You'… something up-tempo and I think for a studio record, I sing it very well live.

Even though I didn't get any further on to the show, it hasn't stopped enquiries for parties weddings and festivals and concerts.

I found the whole experience amazing. The team who produce the show were all, accommodating and really nice to be with.

My performance reminded people of my vocal ability and also reminded everyone, that I'm still here and I'm still working, and that's all that really matters.

It has turned out to be a great PR exercise seen by 9 million people, on a Saturday night, prime time, so what more can a girl want! Job done!!!


Q:             Being a welsh man myself I loved the fact that Tom Jones loved your performance however I couldn't feel slightly disappointed he didn't put you through. How was it for you?


A:              Basically Tom whispered to me that he had 10 women on his team, and he wanted to have the last two spaces filled by boys, so that's why she didn't take me on board.

I know that I have the tone and power that Tom loves, but my performance was filmed way too late into a series really. Anyway he said one of the best comments; he said I sounded like a record!


Q:              Ok, so out of all the judges, who's your favourite?


A:              My favourite, for sheer vocal ability and staying power, is definitely Tom. But for a more contemporary sound, I would have loved to work with Will. He did give me his email address, so watch this space.


Q:              We know you're a very sought after artists however what's it been like since your appearance on The Voice?


A:              After your voice, I lot of enquiries for weddings, civil partnerships, private parties and festival promoters as well as club promoters have been in touch with me in some way or another.I love it, and as you all know I really love my job. So bring it all on!


Q:             We all obviously love your original hit "I'm Gonna Get You Baby" but you've featured on so many other dance tracks (my favourite has to be Knock on Wood &   Say a Little Prayer by the KlubKidz) Summer Dickens would like to know roughly how many track s have you sung  and what's your favourite & why?


A:              I really do not know how many tracks I have sung all have been featured on. Sometimes I put my name on iTunes and have a look at some of the 'white elephants' (LOL)on there but that is hard to monitor, as I am a freelance vocalist and have been for a long time now!

There has to be at least 200 tracks featured on there. Thank God, none of them have crossed over into any charts. But that is because they are under produced and not good enough (I think)!!! When a track is 100% right it will fly, it will do really well in the clubs and in the charts. So let's hope that they get it right one.


Q:             You've sung alongside some superb artist in your time can you list them?


A:              It's difficult to think of everyone, that I have worked with but here are a few:


  • Fat boy slim
  • The happy Mondays
  • Lisa Stansfield
  • Stereophonics
  • Rolling Stones
  • Neneh cherry
  • Desmond decker
  • Grace Jones
  • Beverly knight
  • Ronan Keating
  • Heaven 17

Q:             Who's your favourite and why?


A:              Heaven 17... They were fun and generous and gave me a lot of space vocally when we went out live. I stayed with them for 10 years, I loved it!


Q:             Tony & Sandra Davies would like to know will you performing again with Mr Alexander O'Neil?


A:              I'm not sure when Alex is performing in London again. I have opened for him on two or three shows now. So the answer is I don't know... It all depends on the agent getting on touch.


Q:             What would you like to achieve next in your career?


A:              Obviously I'd like to continue singing well into my old age. If I look after my voice, and go for the odd singing lesson and keep the machine well oiled, who knows how many years I can keep singing for! Of course I like the new choons out that I have written. Everyone knows that writing a hit song will keep me financially very comfortable. It will make me very happy in my old age, and my pay for my nursing home fees!


Q:             Back about 20 years ago when you were a child (cheeky smile) who would you say were your inspirations?


A:              LOL!!! Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Stevie Wonder, Areatha Franklin and Barbra Streisand to name a few!


Q:             Do you have any advice to all our buddy stars?


A:              Be nice, be professional! There are way too many younger and more enthusiastic people who are ready to jump in your shoes. Keep on top of your craft. I don't believe in being difficult or a diva in any way. I think you need people in the business who really like and want to work with you. So my advice please be cool and enjoy everything that comes your way. Always remind yourself of who you are and where you came from. Never take your appreciators and fans for granted either!


Q:             What are you working on now (apart from your performance at Bunn Leisure!)


A:              I am always working in the studio as well as singing fly so, I have a few tracks coming out with named DJ's shall we say, for now so I am looking forward to next summer, cross fingers!


Q:             What's your favourite performance you've ever given?


A:              They have been many, many performances that I have enjoyed and that I find completely unforgettable.

So I'm going to go with the first one that springs to mind.

I was singing at a wedding and everyone looks at the Bride all day, as we all know....

Anyway, as soon as I started singing with the band, the bride put her knife and fork down and shuffled to the front of all this stage. She stood there for about 30 seconds in complete disbelief, and then she did the I'm not worthy bow.

Then she instructed all of her guests at her reception to the same. It made me cry, as I know that I'm a singer and I am also a mum of two little boys. I just found that kind of gratitude overwhelming as she had no airs or graces about being the bride. I guess she just wanted to show me how much she appreciated me singing at her wedding!


Q:             OK, we did this with our friend Garth Gates... are you ready for our quick fire round?

Off we go - Favourite Colour?


A:             Black


Q:             Favourite Movie?


A:             Jerry Maguire


Q:             Favourite Food?


A:             Rice dishes


Q:             What can't you live without?


A:             My family


Q:             Twitter of Facebook?


A: Both


Q:             Jedward of 1 Direction?


A:             1D


Q:             SpongeBob or Simpsons?


A:             Simpsons


Q:   Did you know we have Homer & Bart here on the 24th of August? Anyhows, back to the questions... Party or a Book?


A:            Parteeee!


Q:            Pizza or Fried Chicken?


A:            Pizza


Q:            When will we see you again?


A:             Soon.  As I'm now taking my family here!


Q:            And finally   "Do you want to build a Snowman?"


A:             Yes I do have done several times with the boys.  But I haven't been brave enough to do snow angels as



Q:             Ha! Ha! I gather you haven't seen Frozen yet... Most parents are forced to watch it 10 times a day. Thank you so much Angie, it's been amazing to see you again and what another fab performance you gave us tonight. Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?


A:              Just please thank everyone at Bunn Leisure, as they are so kind and such a fun audience to play to!

I always enjoy this show... And I always look forward to singing for you guys, I always feel totally appreciated.

I also have become friends with one of Bunn Leisure's caravan onwner called David Halpin. We play scrabble together online together. And I will be going to one of his famous barbecues today. So let's hope the weather holds out!

Thank you so much for all your love and appreciation everyone at Bunn Leisure. I can't do it without you so thank you once again, for your ability to just have a really fun time!


Q:             Thank you so much Angie you're a star xx


A:              It's my pleasure!!! Xxxx


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