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Q&A with Gareth Gates

Gareth Gates is back at performing LIVE at The Embassy, Bunn Leisure, West Sands Holiday Park on 14th of June. It's been nearly 4 years since his last appearance here in sunny Selsey so caught up with Gareth during his recent Facebook Q&A session.

Q: Hello Gareth, we have been inundated with questions from all your fans here at Bunn Leisure HQ. Firstly, Pop Idol was obviously the start of your professional career however nowadays there are so many talent shows which is your favourite?

A: I loved Pop Idol. No one knew how big it was going to be.. it's the EVER idol show / X Factor... I loved every minute.

Q: How did it change your life?

A: I was finally living my dream... my dream became reality!! So, yeah, it was good!

Q: What made you set up The Gareth Gates Academy?

Q: The Gates Academy was a way of giving back. Passing on my knowledge to future stars. I have 3 now... Bradford, Huddersfield and Halifax

Q:  What advice would you give to young people that face some disadvantages?

A: Keep striving for your dreams... even if it gets tough...

Q: Apart from music, what was your favourite subject at school?

A: Ah, thank you. Art was another one of my favourite subjects... oh and maths!

Q:  What was the naughtiest thing you ever did at school?

A: Kissed all the girls!

Q: What is your favourite song and why?

A: My Favourite song... I like all my 3 new ones at the minute...

Q: So does this mean there are future plans for a new album?

A: Absolutely. I love writing and when I get the chance to do to it makes me so happy! Not sure when, but watch this space!

Q: Can your fans expect to see you back in your old Elvis costume for your tour in June?

A: Ha! Definitely NOT! I did love it though! The song 'Suspicious Minds' WILL however be making an appearance.

Q: So will you be doing all your greatest hits on tour?

A:  I will! A mix of some old, some new... working on a brand new set as we speak!

Q: After a very successful pop career you went on to perform in the West End in a number of musicals such as Les Mis, Joseph, Boogie Nights, are there any plans to return to musical theatre at all?

A: I love theatre and will return at some point... but for now there's too much on!

Q: If you were given the opportunity to perform in any other musical in which you haven't yet taken part, which one would it be and why?

A: Miss Saigon, Wicked, Phantom of The Opera are all my faves

Q:  If you could bring one person back to life who would it be and why?

A: Michael Jackson

Q: What would be the theme track to your life?

A: Don't Stop me Now...cos I'm having a good time!

Q: If you were given £1000 to bring back your spikey hair would you?

A: You'd have to pay a little more than that!

Q: If you were unable to sing, what career would you go for?

A: Presenting! News reader! I would have always have ended up in music... that's all I know

Q: How are you planning on celebrating your 30th birthday this year?

A: Having a big party with family and friends in a secret HOT location!! Can't wait.

Q: Who are your favourite singers and bands and why?

A: Peter Cetera. Brian McKnight. There's too many!

Q: You visited us in 2009 at our White Horse Pop Party and later that evening at West Sands. Whilst you were here you had your baby daughter with you, how's is little Missy?

A: My daughter is good. She's so beautiful. She's 5! Growing up so quick!

Q:  Does she have a favourite song that she loves hearing her dad sing for her, one of your own or otherwise?

A: Missy is all singing all dancing at the minute! She loves me singing Spirit in the Sky!

Q: Is your daughter showing any signs of following in her daddy's footsteps and becoming a singer?

A: Yes!!! God help me!

Q: What song gives u the bumps?

A: All sorts of music give me goosebumps! Music is my life. Often songs that are heart felt and mean something I guess

Q: What's your favourite meal?

A: Chicken pitta, peri chips, corn the cob and perinaise!

Q: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

A: Right Now!

Q: When your new album is ready, which of your previous three will it be most like? Or will it be a completely different genre?

A: none of them!! I love them all.. but loved them for then... my life has changed somewhat since!

Q: What's your favourite film?

A: True Romance

Q: Would you be tempted to do any other TV shows such as I'm a Celebrity?

A:  I've been asked to do lots of shows like this... never say never.. BUT I prefer to do shows that require SOME element of skill!

Q: What is your all-time favourite song to sing?

A: Oh I have lots! At the minute I love my new stuff. It's personal.

Q: Are you excited about what is to come for you and the rest of the 5th Story guys this year?

A: I'm excited about The Big Reunion Tour. Playing arena's again! (Singing, not skating this time!)

Q: Will you ever record a debut album along with the other members of 5th Story?

A: Who knows! We go on tour in October... so let's see what happens. I love the lads we all get on so well.

Q: What can we expect from your concert here at Bunn Leisure on the 14th of June?

A:  I'm there with my full band so it'll be a great gig. Lots of old and new songs :-) Also, I'll be playing instruments lots on this tour.

Q: If you could have one wish what would it be? And you're not allowed to wish for 5 more wishes!

A: 1 wish?! ... Eternal happiness!

Q: With all the famous people you have performed with who would you like to perform with again

A: I loved the Osmonds... they're so cool!

Q: What has been your most embarrassing on stage moment?

A: I did a whole ice skating routine recently with my flys down!! Brilliant!.....I was very cold!

Q: And finally …"Do you wanna build a snowman?" Sorry couldn't resist.

A: Love that film

Q: Thank you Gareth, don't forget to check out our   YouTube Music Video Playlist, full of your music videos,and we look forward to seeing you at Bunn Leisure, Selsey on the 14th of June.


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