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Remember those days of your childhood summers?

Sandcastles, staying up late, dad dancing, a little bag of coins for the slot machines and fish and chips on the beach? Holidays started with a monumental road trip, it was probably only an hour or so but it felt like an epic adventure. Ahh it takes me back to the Seventies!

It wasn't all bad, in fact, it wasn't that bad at all - especially if you were a kid. Certainly, we didn't have the internet, PlayStations or Justin Bieber. But we did have Play School, Dymo label makers, View Finders and SO much more.

Whether you loved football or Disney movies, you could literally lose DAYS filling in your Figurini Panini sticker albums... as well as all your pocket money on buying the packets. TV was limited to four channels, saved for after school and if we were lucky the weekend. On reflection I'm not sure I completely understood the true genius of The Goodies at the time I just loved their silly jokes, slapstick chases and the giant white kitten. In the Seventies, we were rich! Rich, I tell you or it at least it felt that way, because our pockets and piggy banks were weighed down with half-penny coins and pound notes. Fingerbob, Morph & flares, hot summers, school holidays that lasted forever, roller boots, Bay City Rollers… it was all good in my day!

British seaside holiday have certainly moved on, Bunn Leisure offers holidays that your childhood memories were made of but with a MASSIVE modern twist. Fun for all ages, amazing entertainment, fantastic accommodation and the best bit is that you get to be a kid again, go on have a game of thumb wars, it's a lot more fun than PS2 and your kids will love you for it!

Why not share your childhood memories?


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